Mission Statement

The mission of The United World Church is

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The Time is NOW!

Church Circle

Who We Are:

Visionary and Senior Pastor Christopher Oyer

Cris Oyer

Christopher (Cris) is a messenger. He is on this earth to complete his mission, to create a world where we recognize that we are all one. Many times he has said, "The United World Church is not about a one world religion, it is a religion for a one world people." He is a great leader and always stays true to his mission.

He is a published author of The Newest Testament One Nation Under God and is a co-creator of Divine Alignment™. He is able to speak in a way that is profound and understood by all hearing his message.

He is divinely gifted in his abilities and actively supports members during Gatherings and at The Spirituality Center.

Executive Pastor Tammy Bratton

Tammy Bratton

Currently Tammy is the Executive Pastor of The United World Church. She was led to the church to help fulfill the church's vision. Within the church, she found a platform to utilize her divine gifts.

While living in Minnesota prior to 2012, she was a Marriage and Family Therapist, Addictions Counselor, and Associate Professor at the graduate level. She owned her own private therapy practice serving families impacted by addiction, worked in various recovery programs and home-based therapeutic outreach services. Since the mid 90's, as she developed her professional career, she felt a strong pull to provide services that were unique to each person she served. She always recognized that "people are not cookie cutters"… everyone is unique and important. She knew that she needed the freedom to connect with people in a different realm. In 2012, she relocated to Kansas and joined The United World Church.

Tammy embraces a holistic approach to life. In the past she studied various forms of energy work, Spring Forest QiGong, specialized breath techniques, Chakra Balancing, Kundalini Yoga, and other ancient traditions. Tammy–along with Christopher–created Divine Alignment™. As a minister of the church, she supports members throughout their individualized Spiritual and Personal Growth Journey. She develops and leads various Sunday services, special interest groups, and retreats.

Tammy's goal: To create open possibilities and opportunities as people connect to their breath and body in a fully integrated way. She often says, "I want people to know how powerful and amazing they already are… and really… I just want people to feel good!"


What We Believe

A Church is the people. The United World Church welcomes all people regardless of their race, sex, creed, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, personal choices, background, and life path.

The question "What do we believe?" could only be answered by listing all the beliefs of all members.

To save space I have decided to list a couple of beliefs that speak to me and the mission of The United World Church. They are:

Christopher Oyer
Visionary and Senior Pastor, The United World Church


Sunday Service: We gather at 4PM to create a nurturing and supportive place for all who connect with our community! [Location]

Join us at 4:00PM every Sunday!
2806 S. 44th St. Kansas City KS
(Second floor of the Self Storage tower)
call 816-392-4360 with questions or directions.

Each Sunday is different! We are an interactive community but encourage people to participate as much or as little as they choose. We are supportive, transformative, creative, and have a good time. We are open to everyone! All people are important… All people are welcome! We custom create each week… One commonality is that we always bring focus back to your body and breath. We utilize intentions as our form of prayer. These intentions are divinely inspired and created within our community.

Freedom Bracelet

Online Gatherings: Join Us on Facebook

Retreats & Special Gatherings

(Custom opportunities offered for 10-20 people!)


  • Breath & Body Integration/Centering The Body
  • Feelings, Passion, Self-Esteem, & Self-Worth
  • Heart Centered Living & Speaking Your Truth
  • Insight, Intuition, Wisdom, & Oneness
  • Project Clear & Release
  • Holistic Recovery Community Support
  • Intention Circles
  • Anything Is Possible…

(Note: The above is a list regarding a few of the specialized gatherings that the church offers. There are other unlisted special occasion topics and speaking events added on a continual basis. Updates are offered at the Sunday Gatherings.)


Healing Ministry

The United World Church supports people in the creation of their own Spiritual and Personal Journey. Each Journey is tailored to each individual. Within the church, there are various paths available to members.

Spirituality Center (Kansas City, KS): Contact us directly at Info@UnitedWorldChurch.com to set up a custom orientation regarding various aspects of The United World Church, including Sunday Service information, Retreat opportunities, and Divine Alignment™.

Increase JOY, HAPPINESS, and INNER-PEACE by tapping into the power of your breath and body… NOW is the time to create infinite possibilities for your life!

ASK YOURSELF: "What is the most nurturing choice I can make for myself today?"

Answer: Divine Alignment™

Divine Alignment™ Testimonials
words spoken by various members about their sessions

  • "Divine Alignment™ has helped me to move through times that would have otherwise crippled me. Divine Alignment™ has opened my heart and has allowed me to move forward with more freedom."
  • "I'm feeling like a million bucks! Thank you so much for today! Amazing!!!"
  • "I felt like I was breathing through my skin and in my whole body. I feel so peaceful. My mind was so quiet and then at the end I felt so much emotion but it wasn't attached to anything… I was just FEELING!!! Is it REALLY THIS SIMPLE?!"
  • "I have no words to explain what coming to this place does for me… Everyone just needs to come here and experience all of this! I have more time, more energy, more happiness… More ME!!! Thank you for finding me!!!"
  • "Divine Alignment™ has changed every single part of my life! I am so happy!"
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The United World Church shares messages during Sunday Gatherings.


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